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Technologia mycia bezdotykowego

Leader in the touchless car wash industry

ABOX company is synonymous with cleanliness and modernity. The roots of the business go back to the very beginnings of self-service car washes in European markets, through years of technology improvement and experience gained over 4 decades of operation in many international markets make available the best solution.

The result of continuous improvement of the production process and implementation of new technological solutions is high quality equipment at the same time competitive prices!

The production of the carwashes takes place in Poland and they are delivered to various corners of the world.

We guarantee that you will be satisfied with the choice of products from the ABOX range. Thanks to advanced technology and many years of experience in the production of touchless car washes. We produce and sell reliable and functional products

Innovative manufacturing process

We put emphasis on technological development, with the aim of offering the best solutions at the best price. The results of this work include: Liquid chemistry percentage measurement system, powder chemistry level sensors, reverse osmosis system water recovery

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Impressive washing technology

Our car washes are equipped with the Turbo Foam Active program, which enhances the washing process through longer adhesion of chemicals on the surface of the vehicle, which softens the layer of petroleum substances and airborne deposits occurring on the car body.

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Highest class of ecology

Our car washes are designed to reduce energy and fuel consumption to optimal levels, offering the best wash quality in every respect. In addition, our washers are pre-installed to work with RES systems, which can enable costs and raw material consumption to be reduced almost to zero.

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Car wash design

ABOX system is a manufacturer of touchless car washes, which comprehensive services related to the production, construction, operation and servicing of self-service car washes throughout the country. The offer includes the construction of touchless car washes from 1 to any number of stations. 40 years of experience, our touchless car washes operate in 10 countries!

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You can count on anything


Customer satisfaction is of the utmost importance to us, which is why we always put them first and do everything we can to ensure that the investor is satisfied with the final product. Our goal is to provide a solution that meets customer expectations both technically and visually. We are eager to listen to our customers' suggestions and adapt our standard design to their individual needs. Our priority is to ensure that our investors are satisfied with their investment and achieve the desired results. We always strive to provide solutions that meet our clients' expectations and help them achieve success.


The quality of a car wash service at a carwash is vital to its success. Customers who receive a good quality wash are more likely to return and recommend the car wash to others. That's why at ABOX car washes we never take shortcuts and always use the best detergents and tools available on the market. We also conduct regular technical inspections of the washes in operation and check and improve our solutions to ensure that they work perfectly. Our employees are regularly trained in the best practices for operating and servicing car washes, which allows us to ensure the highest quality of car washing services and customer satisfaction. It is worth remembering that a good quality car wash is the key to its success, which is why at ABOX car washes we always focus on the highest quality of service and customer satisfaction.

Aesthetics and design

If you are considering investing in a new car wash, we warmly encourage you to take a look at our designs. Our offerings stand out from the competition due to their modern aesthetics and superior quality. However, we don't want you to have to take our word for it - we invite you to visit us in person and see for yourself. We are confident that our designs will meet the expectations of even the most demanding investors. It is also worth remembering that a well-designed and executed car wash can be a very profitable investment, bringing regular income in the future.

Optimal quality-price ratio

If you are looking for a way to reduce energy and operating costs in your car wash, it is worth investing in solutions that will reduce energy consumption and lower operating costs. In addition, it is important that your carwash operates in an environmentally friendly manner. Therefore, it is worth looking for solutions that reduce water and energy consumption, which contributes to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and protecting the environment, such as using osmosis rejection water for washing or heat pumps. In conclusion, investing in efficient and environmentally friendly solutions can help reduce operating costs and provide quality service at a car wash.

Components from top manufacturers

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