Touchless washing technology at ABOX car washes

Turbo Foam Active XXL

Active foam is an effective chemical product that can be found in many colors. Our active foam is available in white and pink and is characterized by the fact that it does not discolor clothes. Customers love our foam! Touchless car washes equipped with the Turbo Foam program are very effective and win over the competition. For a better effect, the foaming system is connected to a source of compressed air.

The program increases the return on investment in various ways:

  • Mostly the customer washes more thoroughly over a longer period of time
  • Most customers choose car washes equipped with Turbo foam program
  • The program uses less water compared to other programs
  • Applies under medium pressure so there is less electricity consumption

Turbo brush

Gentle brush bristles are safe for the paint of any vehicle.

The lance is equipped with a plastic guard that ensures safe operation, and its tip is bent at an angle so that the brush operation is comfortable.

The foam on the car body is easily rinsed off and the dirt is softened so that its removal is quick and convenient.

The program is available all year round, regardless of the temperature outside thanks to the anti-freeze system.

Coin gathering system

    A solution for securely transferring coins from washing stations to a central safe, making coin handling more convenient and incomparably safer. The system is equipped with independent suction turbines for each station, which increases the reliability of the system by switching on the turbine motors less frequently. It can be combined with a coin changer to automatically refill the feeder.

Inverters for pump motors on touchless car washes

Electric motors are commonly used in touchless car washes. To ensure efficient and reliable operation, it is necessary to use high-quality inverters. In this article, we will take a closer look at the pump motors on ABOX touchless car washes that are driven by inverters.

What are the advantages of using inverters on touchless car washes??

  • Pumps equipped with ABOX inverters are more efficient and durable than those without this type of control.
  • The ability to adjust the speed of the motor according to current needs, which reduces energy consumption and noise.
  • The ABOX inverter is easy to use and has an automatic fault detection function for quick troubleshooting.

How to compare inverter models?

As with any equipment, there are significant differences between models, also you should not be guided only by the term "inverter" when choosing an offer. The most important features to look out for:
  • For what power are they adapted? Our inverters work with 4kW motors, other solutions on the market only work with motors up to 2.2kw.
  • Cooling method
  • Inverter manufacturer