About us

International development

ABOX is a two-generation company, founded in Spain by a Polish entrepreneur in the 1980s, engaged in the production of car washes. The company's dynamic growth has meant that today we can boast a long international experience, including the Spanish, Portuguese and Polish markets, as well as production facilities in Spain and Poland. Since the company's inception, more than 500 of our brand car washes have been built on the Iberian Peninsula, and more than 200 in Poland. ABOX in Poland The company in Poland is headquartered in Warsaw, Poland. ABOX has been present on the Polish market since 2009; in 2011 the company expanded with a production facility in Warsaw, which was established to meet the increasing demand for our product in the country. The new headquarters, located in Wierzbin, was built in 2017 to increase production capacity.

ABOX technology

ABOX's greatest strengths are its own technology and its own car wash manufacturing facilities, which allows us to constantly control quality and improve solutions, innovate and grow rapidly. Thanks to this, we plan to expand our business to other European countries in the coming years, and we proudly present our products at international fairs.

Employee-, investor- and environment-friendly company

Our policy towards employees, investors and the environment is one of ABOX's hallmarks. We care about our employees, valuing long and stable tenure in our company. It is their experience, knowledge and enthusiasm for work that create a unique atmosphere in the company. The basis of the company's success is long-term cooperation with investors, which causes them to decide on further ventures with ABOX, and the success of our investors is also our success! We constantly take care of the company's good reputation and value the good opinion of our customers. We believe that this is a necessary condition for further development and winning new contracts. We are proud that ABOX is an environmentally friendly company. We use a number of technological solutions to - without compromising cleaning results - support environmental protection, including by saving water and energy used during cleaning.