Characteristics of the change machine

  Change in 3 nominals
The coin changer machine has 3 coin dispensers so it has a large capacity of coins and allows the exchange of notes to three different nominal.

  Large capacity of coins and bills

The hoppers have a total capacity of 900 monet and the bill reader of 600 units

  Maintenance from the back of the machine

The operation of the change machine by the operator takes place on the back of the device. As standard, the machine is installed on the wall of the technical stand, allowing safe maintenance from the inside.

  Possibility of choosing change
Thanks to the extremely easy-to-use panel, the customer can freely choose the way in which the banknotes are to be changed.
  It can be optionally equipped with a printer
The changer can be equipped with a non-fiscal printer, thanks to which the customer will receive confirmation of the transaction. (Optional function)
  Optionally it can be equipped with a loyalty card loader
The changer can also be used to charge loyalty cards. (Optional feature)

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