Pressure carwash technology COMFORT

Technical room with thermal insulation by means of polyurethane panels
The technical part of the car wash is installed in a technical container, made of sandwich panels, which ensure its complete insulation, and thus guarantee an extremely long service life of the devices.
The best parts
The success of our solution is based on two solid pillars: the knowledge of our highly qualified technicians and the use of components only from the best producers.
Cash, PayPass and fidelity systems
Do not put limits on your business, offer your customers the option of choosing a convenient form of payment. It is only up to you how you receive the payment for the service offered.
The highest wash quality 24/7
Our system has been designed in such a way as to guarantee the highest water quality at all times (no hard water in the system). Ensuring the highest wash quality is our priority!
From 5 to 7 washing programs
5 basic programs, with the possibility of extending the service with 2 additional programs.
On-line access
Thanks to the applications we offer, you can check the state of your car wash at any time, regardless of where you are. If you have access to the internet, you have a preview of your business!

Characteristics of the carwash system COMFORT

  Dosage of detergent powder
The system can be equipped with stainless steel powder soap dispensers. Both the mixer and the auger are also made of stainless steel. For programs with liquid product, the system is equipped with SEKO dosing devices and, for dosing, dosing control solenoid valves are not required, which allows fault-free operation. Each track is equipped with an independent dispenser for each type of detergent.

The dosage of liquid chemicals (eg wax) is carried out with the help of precise and adjustable dispensers. Because the flow of water in each program is constant, this is the best and most accurate solution compared to other existing dosing systems.

  Osmotic water

We use 100% water in the production of osmotic water, thus not generating losses in any form. The ABOX solution makes the investment not only much more profitable but also incomparably more ecological. In addition, huge tanks guarantee the possibility of continuous production of treated water, so that the quality of the service is always at the same, highest level, regardless of the traffic on the car wash. We have tried to make long queues of cars waiting for washing only a reason for satisfaction for our investors

The system is controlled by SIEMENS machines. It's an extremely reliable solution designed for long-term work. The system is equipped with Ethernet connectors, which using the WiFi router allow you to set the parameters of the car wash using your phone or tablet. Each stand is individually secured by its own differential circuit breaker, safety switch, OMRON DC power supply and transformer. The car wash lighting has also been separately secured, so that the operation of the lighting does not affect the operation of the car wash.
ABOX COMFORT car washes are the only installations available on the market that have an industrial water dechlorination system, equipped with a 70-liter cylinder along with the FLECK controller, protecting expensive membranes of the osmosis system, prolonging their lifetime and increasing the washing quality.
  Water softening system
The system is equipped with water tanks that provide a comtinuous water supply. An unprecedented capacity that ensures constant water quality. The tanks are responsible for the storage of softened water, recoil water and demineralized water.
  Osmosis system
A very efficient reverse osmosis water demineralization system, quality control and on-line efficiency, using recoil water, which reduces water consumption by 40% compared to other solutions.

More details

The ABOX COMFORT car wash system is an extremely efficient, economical and reliable washing system. All installed components come from renowned manufacturers such as Siemens, CAT Pumps, Danfoss, Grundfos, Schneider Electric, etc. The unprecedented set of tanks ensures uninterrupted supply of treated water, which completely eliminates the problem of unsatisfactory quality of the washing service in case of pressure drop in the network.
Technika ABOX umieszczona jest w kontenerze wykonanym z poliuretanowych płyt warstwowych, o grubości 60 mm. Zapewnia on nieporównywalnie lepszą ochronę drogich komponentów znajdujących się w środku, niż standardowo oferowane przez konkurencję kontenery stropianowe (EPS). Dodatkowe bezpieczeństwo urządzeń gwarantują stalowe drzwi płaszczowe.
Our electrovalves have a long service life and present a quality advantage over pneumatic valves. They do not require assembly of the compressor, which is a weak point of the car wash, in the case of solutions based on pneumatic valves. Each washing station is equipped with its own power supplies, transformers and all electrical protections. Thanks to this, each of them is independently protected and works as a stand-alone device, which increases the reliability and reliability of the system and provides protection against failure.


?Powder detergent or liquid?
The choice is only for you. We offer car washes using powder detergents (COMFORT) as well as liquid detergent (EASY) . Powder detergent is faster in operation, which makes the self-service car wash more adequate, especially in the absence of brushes or additional programs such as active foam. Powder chemistry is more demanding when dispensing, because the water must be very well treated and the water temperature higher, which at the same time increases the effectiveness of cleaning.
Powder detergent is supplied in bags that can be safely and legally thrown in the trash can. Liquid chemistry is supplied in containers that must be properly disposed of at authorized disposal points for hard-to-handle products. The advantage of liquid chemistry is that you can supplement a large tank with chemistry so that the level of detergent should be replaced less frequently.
?Are necessary the decalcified water tanks for the work of the installation?
Niektórzy argumentują, że dużo myjni pracuje wyposażone jedynie w zbiornik na wodę osmotyczną. Brak zapasu wody zmiękczonej powoduje jednak, że myjnia staje się bardziej zależna od ciśnienia z sieci wodociągowej co znacząco zwiększa ryzyko wystąpienia nieprzewidywalnego braku wody. Nasz system rozwiązuje ten problem. Z drugiej strony, oszczędność przy produkcji wody osmotycznej jest możliwa tylko dzięki zapasowi wody zmiękczonej. Taki zapas wody umożliwia zapewnienie najwyższej jakości wody do pracy myjni.